Off grid.
Solar powered.
Rain water.
Composting toilet.
Nestled in the Australian bush,
at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

Where I create, feel inspired and connect with nature.

Song of the Bush

‘The texture of the dry grass

beneath her feet is firm and familiar.

The call of magpies,

smell of eucalypt,

crickets humming,

a song of sorrow,

distant call of crows,

searching to feed on misfortune.

The song of the bush,

she is momentarily lost in.’ 

Mad Woman Rocking


‘Admiring the brown butterflies that move about the trees,

she thinks of how profoundly the butterfly transforms itself and how she too,

has transformed several times in her humble life.

Each change and season has brought her strength and wisdom;

an understanding not to fight against the currents of life but to float with the flow of the water.

Like the life-giving water from the mountains,

she learnt long ago to simply surrender to time, change and seasons.

Each season brings its own joys,

its own blessings,

like the beauty of the snow-covered mountains in winter,

the colour palate of the deciduous trees in autumn, the warmth of the sun in summer

and spring’s flowers in her garden.’ 

Mad Woman Rocking

Grace and Wonder

‘Embracing the beauty surrounding her,

in the corner of her eye she notices

the most amazing sight.

Turning around and casting her eyes up,

she is engrossed by two wedge tailed eagles,

flying above the ridges of the mountain,

circling and floating with grace and wonder.

Taking the spectacle in,

she drinks in the moment

like thirst quenching water from the mountain.’ 

Mad Woman Rocking