Tangled Venice A labyrinth Streets like intertwined rivers Weaving their way  In a tangled maze Lost Endless discoveries It all looks different from a different angle Tangle of languages Accents  Cultures Sea of endless possibility  My emotions Expectations Mood Have been like these canals Streets Tangled  Twisted  Weaving their way out to sea To find […]

Hidden Treasure

It has been a long journey to get here. A long journey to find this hidden treasure.  I have had a love affair with writing, for as long as I can remember. The first poem I ever wrote was on an ordinary day, out the farm while Mum and Dad milked the cows, scribbled on […]

Dream Big

Growing up in Corryong, I had big dreams. When I was in Grade 5, at Corryong Consolidated, in Mrs Hughes’ class, I dreamt of one day, being a teacher. Before this, I wanted to be a milk truck driver. I think growing up on a farm, I might have assumed there were only two options, […]

Snow-Covered Mountains

‘To all of it I have given my effort and my love. In imagination I can feel the feather touch of snowflakes on my face, feel the freezing water of the lagoon enfolding me, on a hot summer day, and I would celebrate it all.’ – Elyne Mitchell              Today is a perfect spring day. […]


Beau You are a delight Who likes to give me a fright You are brave and strong Always dance to your own song Old and wise Always keep that sparkle in your eyes Funny and cheeky Cherish the moment, as it is fleeting Such an intelligent mind You are thoughtful and kind Endless energy Loved […]

The Door Wasn’t Even Locked

My nearly five-year-old son, Beau, broke his leg recently. He has been in a full cast of plaster, for five weeks now. As the weeks have dragged on and boredom has well and truly set in, he has become increasingly more resistant to the limitations of his plaster. Beau’s desire to move and play has […]


One day you finally knewwhat you had to do, and began,though the voices around youkept shouting their bad advice –though the whole housebegan to trembleand you felt the old tugat your ankles.“Mend my life !”each voice cried.But you didn’t stop.You knew what you had to do,though the wind priedwith its stiff fingersat the very foundations,though […]


Sun rising Golden hue illuminating the horizon  Looking beyond  Birds perched on a light pole, watching the traffic,  Cars scurrying like frantic ants, collecting food Beyond the power lines,  Traffic lights A bird flies in front of a peach-soaked sky  Driving  Looking beyond Road building, excavation, flashing lights  Mesmerizing sunrise, speckled colour ever evolving  Painting […]

Home Amongst the Woods 

Every time  I’ve fallen apart  I’ve had to start  Building  Building a new castle A home amongst the woods Every time  I build  A grander castle I build Every time  I fall  I rise  A little higher Leads me down  A path  To my home amongst the woods  Every time I’m lost  I find a […]

Leaping Soul

My soul leaps Bursts, bounds Filled with words Creativity  Soul seeks connection How did they take you? Drifting, floating Swirling out of this world Into the next Hot wind sweeping Towards my loves Too far to touch Run for safety Leave books, possessions Behind to burn Keep my babies safe Where do you reside? Floating […]


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