Mad Woman Rocking

Mad Woman Rocking

A novel by Farrah B. Mandala

Women’s experiences’ are unique. Our connections, our trauma and our strength all deserve a voice.

Mad Woman Rocking’s protagonist, Rosie Lane and the women in her life, voice the current plight of contemporary women. Rosie’s story covers her connection to the land, her trauma, her strength, her search for her identity and her healing as she finally finds a way to face her fears and write her story.

Interweaved within her journey is her powerful relationship with other women. They are diverse, making different choices in a world that prescribes motherhood, marriage and a career as the pinnacle of achievement. They are women, with real experiences, with shame, with dreams that we can all relate to.

Trauma and grief are a central theme in Mad Woman Rocking. The characters grapple with the aftermath of the premature death of a best friend, brother, son and father. Mental illness, guilt and addiction plague their lives as they attempt to make sense of their loss. Through creativity, support, empathy, mindfulness and gratitude, the characters navigate their trauma and find acceptance and healing.

Messages of strength, resilience and hope are central to the story. The reader, is not left pitying these characters but feeling inspired by their courage in the face of adversity. 

Mad Woman Rocking has a purpose. A purpose to inspire, to liberate and ultimately, to make women feel, seen and heard. 

By Farrah B. Mandala

I am Farrah B. Mandala, the author of Mad Woman Rocking. I live in an off-grid, eco cabin in the Australian bush, on my family’s dairy farm at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. I am an English Teacher and live with my 5 year old son.

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