Mad Woman Rocking

Farrah B. Mandala

Mad Woman Rocking


I’m Farrah,

the author of Mad Woman Rocking.

I live in an off-grid, eco cabin in the Australian bush,

on my family’s dairy farm at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

I live with my 6 year old son,

the laughter of kookaburras,

a friendly willie wagtail,

and circling wedge-tailed eagles. 

Created by Patrick Riley. Music by Renata Coppola.

Women’s experiences are unique. Our connections, our trauma and our strength all deserve a voice.

Rosie Lane has endured enough tragedy and loss for one lifetime. And yet her plans to live peacefully in the splendour of farm life and write her first novel are thwarted when an old box containing six envelopes leads her to discover a hidden family history.

When the doppelganger of her deceased son arrives on her doorstep, Rosie further uncovers the mystery of her parentage and learns of a brother she never knew.

As the seasons pass, Rosie tries and fails to write as she navigates her resurfacing trauma and grapples with the inevitable task of telling her children the painful secrets she knows.

Set within the stunning landscape of rural Australia, Mad Woman Rocking is about the power of creativity, inner strength, friendship and dreaming big.

A member of the Australian and New Zealand Rural Fiction.

Warrior Woman

Passionate about:

  • poetry & story telling
  • women’s voices & inspiration
  • magic & spirituality
  • nature’s power & protection


  • expression & creativity
  • empathy & change
  • love & healing
  • our earth & future


  • fear & ignorance
  • silencing & sexism
  • injustice & inequality
  • climate change crisis & war on waste

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