Sun rising

Golden hue illuminating the horizon 

Looking beyond 

Birds perched on a light pole, watching the traffic, 

Cars scurrying like frantic ants, collecting food

Beyond the power lines, 

Traffic lights

A bird flies in front of a peach-soaked sky 


Looking beyond

Road building, excavation, flashing lights 

Mesmerizing sunrise, speckled colour ever evolving

 Painting a masterpiece

 Beyond the silhouetted tree, resting on the hill

Looking beyond

The city lights sparkling in an endless sea 

Signs of salvation 

The loud children pushing, 


 Feel the warmth of sunshine 

The train rattling past

The ever-present strong mountain, standing tall 

Looking beyond 

Feeling salvation 

Haze over distant mountains 


Cusp of night and day 

Street lights, pedestrians crossing 

Setting sun 

Painted in pastels, whisper across the sky, like freshly scooped ice cream 

Vibrant effervescent moon 

Sweet smell of daphne, flooding the front door

Dancing wildly in the wilderness of potential and brilliance 

Bright young eyes, lovingly looking 

Warm arms greeting 

Looking beyond 

Seeing graceful signs of salvation

By Farrah B. Mandala

I am Farrah B. Mandala, the author of Mad Woman Rocking. I live in an off-grid, eco cabin in the Australian bush, on my family’s dairy farm at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. I am an English Teacher and live with my 5 year old son.

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