Home Amongst the Woods 

Every time 

I’ve fallen apart 

I’ve had to start 


Building a new castle

A home amongst the woods

Every time 

I build 

A grander castle I build

Every time 

I fall 

I rise 

A little higher

Leads me down 

A path 

To my home amongst the woods 

Every time

I’m lost 

I find a treasure buried

In the rubble 

On the long road home

Home amongst the woods

Every time

I spin out of control 

I find the strength to dance

In sunshine 

In rain

On my way home

Home amongst the woods 

Every time

I lose 

I find

A gift

Amongst the trees

That leads me home

Home amongst the woods

By Farrah B. Mandala

I am Farrah B. Mandala, the author of Mad Woman Rocking. I live in an off-grid, eco cabin in the Australian bush, on my family’s dairy farm at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. I am an English Teacher and live with my 5 year old son.

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